April’s National Pest Management Month Brings Lyme Disease Precautions

April's National Pest Management Month Brings Lyme Disease Precautions

April's National Pest Management Month Brings Lyme Disease Precautions

With the National Pest Management Association celebrating April as National Pest Management Month,  marking more than 30 years participation, they’re honoring the professional pest control industry for playing a vital role in both protecting health and property from significant pest-borne threats and illnesses.

Missy Henriksen, vice president of public affairs for the NPMA said, “The NPMA is pleased to have the opportunity to publicly recognize the important work that pest professionals do every day during National Pest Management Month”.

Henriksen further stated, “In honor of National Pest Management Month, the NPMA is dedicated to raising public awareness about the risks posed by household pests and encouraging homeowners to take proactive steps to prevent pest infestations in their homes and properties.”

Pests including carpenter ants, termites and various rodents can cause quite extensive property damage and expense to owners by chewing through flooring, walls and electrical wiring.

Meanwhile, other pests including cockroaches, ticks, mosquitoes and stinging insects pose health threats to humans. Ticks can spread debilitating Lyme Disease and mosquitoes can carry West Nile virus, both potentially fatal to humans.

The NPMA recommends that homeowners and business owners follow these 7 tips to prevent pest infestations:

1. Eliminate sources of constant moisture or standing water.

2. Seal cracks and small openings along the foundation of the house.

3. Keep all food containers sealed.

4. Keep tree branches and other plants away from building structures.

5. Keep kitchens clean by wiping counters and emptying garbage containers frequently.

6. Avoid leaving pets’ food dishes out for extended periods of time.

7. Try to keep trash containers clean and sealed.

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