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Danica Patrick Blazes Charlotte Motor Speedway, Five Visibly Shaken

Danica Patrick is taking The Big Leap with hopeful entrepreneurs riding shotgun around Charlotte Motor Speedway as GoDaddy launches headstrong into their much anticipated small business challenge. Fledgling startups unwittingly witness GoDaddy’s renowned #10 NASCAR come to a screeching halt as the legendary Danica Patrick hops out and tells each to get ready to pitch […]

Zombie Homes For Sale In Florida: Bigger Pockets Not Required

According to Reuters, a national survey found 301,874 “zombie” properties spread across the US resulting from homeowners in foreclosure having vacated, resulting in so-called zombie homes for sale in Florida and other states where investors don’t need bigger pockets in order to pick up bargains. Florida presently tops the list of zombie properties with more […]

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