Grand Junction, CO Taco Time Washes Cars To Save Little Girl’s Life

Grand Junction, CO Taco Time Washes Cars To Save Little Girl's Life

Grand Junction, CO Taco Time Washes Cars To Save Little Girl’s Life

Grand Junction toddler Abrianna Wieberg is battling a rare disease that restricts her lungs from naturally ridding toxins and area Taco Time owner, Melany Leasure, has vowed to help the family all to breath a little easier.

Abrianna Wieberg is being tested for Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia, a genetic disorder of the structure and function of tiny, microscopic hairs that line the airways, ears and sinuses, according to the PCD Foundation.

Abrianna’s mother, Destiny Wieberg, is still unclear if Abrianna even has P.C.D. at this time but states that her daughter has suffered with sinus and ear infections since her birth, a short 19 months ago.

“Not having cilia means that she doesn’t have a filter to her body, she can’t get the bacteria out of her, she can’t get the germs or the toxins from the air out, she cannot be exposed to cigarette smoke, she can’t be exposed to car exhaust, things like that because her body can’t push it out,” said Wieberg.

As the doctor visits to Denver and tests costing upwards of $4,000 become an increasing financial burden for the family, Destiny Weiberg’s employer, Melany Leasure of Taco Time has organized a one day event to benefit little Abrianna.

“It just breaks my heart to see this little girl suffer so I wanted to help the family and involve the community at the same time,” stated Leasure.

The benefit car wash is scheduled for Saturday, June 30th, from 11a.m. -5p.m. and all participants who make a voluntary donation will get their choice of a Small 2 Crisp Taco Combo for only $4.39 or a Small Soft Taco Combo for only $4.69 while Saturday’s scheduled special is a Super Soft Taco for only $2.25.

Everyone wanting to help little Abrianna while getting their car washed and enjoying a light and healthy lunch on Saturday is encouraged to visit Taco Time located at the corner of North Avenue N 23rd St (across from the VA Hospital).



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