Jobs For Stay At Home Moms Soar: Unemployment Rate Irrelevant

Jobs For Stay At Home Moms Soar: Unemployment Rate Irrelevant

Jobs For Stay At Home Moms Soar: Unemployment Rate Irrelevant

As the national unemployment rate continues to stagnate at 9.1%,  jobs for stay at home Moms are becoming scarce but finding their dream job unexpectedly by taking on telemarketing jobs allows both flexible hours and great pay.

Many stay at home Moms have begun outearning their spouses who are working full time jobs trying to make ends meet during these prolonged tough economic times.

According to renowned marketing company, Nike Media Group, many marketing positions are being filled by inexperienced stay at home Moms who are able to work their own hours.

“We’re proud to be able to help so many stay at home Moms by training them to effectively communicate our product line,” said Brian Wilkinson of Nike Media Group. “In fact, our average stay at home partner earns between $200-$400 per day simply by being themselves and talking with our (potential) clients as if they were already friends.”

With casual conversations creating massive opportunities for both clients and workers, it seems that nearly everything that Nike Media Group does goes against the grain of traditional telemarketing reputation.

“This has totally helped my family out of a really deep hole and I’m so very grateful for the opportunity. With two little ones I have my hands full all day so it’s practically impossible to look for a full time job outside of our home,” stated Jeanie Marks.

However, not all job opportunities for stay at home Moms are created equal. Unfortunately, many disreputable employers paint rosy pictures for would be workers who all too soon discover that verbal promises often go unkept.

According to Wilkinson,” I’ve personally chatted with countless stay at home Moms who have been burned by questionable employers. It’s such a blessing to be able to offer legitimate and profitable work for anyone needing a job and who isn’t afraid of talking on the phone.”

Companies like Nike Media Group are rare these days but there does seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel for many unemployed and underemployed workers.

“We’re willing to give nearly anyone a chance to prove themselves and as far as pay goes, the sky is pretty much the limit,” said Wilkinson.

Anyone currently suffering economically and in need of jobs for stay at home Moms is invited to contact Nike Media Group via email at jobs [at] for details. Their stellar reputation and proven track record speaks volumes and their success rate among workers remains unsurpassed.


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