Mama Rosa’s Salsa de Amor Takes Chance With Kickstarter Crowdfunding

Mama Rosa's Salsa de Amor Takes Chance With Kickstarter Crowdfunding

Mama Rosa’s Salsa de Amor Takes Chance With Kickstarter Crowdfunding

In  a world of seemingly 1,000,000 different salsas, fledgling start ups are able to get a helping hand by using crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter to help launch a product.

Case in point is Mama Rosa’s Salsa Emporium’s gutsy move to bring their line of hand crafted salsas online. Mama Rosa’s original “Salsa de Amor” has been a bit of an under served underdog in the world of salsa. Making no excuses, Mama Rosa openly admits that they need to jump online if they are to be able to meet the lofty goal of brand recognition.

“We have tons of fans and loyal customers in the local arena of Farmer’s Markets and Mom & Pop stores but I have to admit that we’ve been reluctant to do anything online,” said Miryan Vargas of Mama Rosa’s. ” My husband and I feel it’s just time to introduce ourselves and our salsa to the online community and decided to test the interest by launching on”

With a more than 50% success rate of Kickstarter launches (especially those integrating video), Mama Rosa’s has fair odds if they can appeal to the hearts and pocketbooks of the Kickstarter community.

“Unfortunately, we’re salsa creators and not really markets so it’s pretty tough get started online but anyone who gives our salsas a try is bound to become a fan. We’re working on a Facebook page and a few videos in hopes of connecting with people on a more personal level,” stated Vargas with determination in her voice.

Mama Rosa’s currently has three hand crafted salsas to choose from, including their original Salsa de Amor, Salsa Esmeralda and the curiously spicy Habanero Hottie which will bring tears to even the most seasoned salsa connoisseur.

Do you have a soft spot for underdogs?

Those interested in supporting a startup grounded in providing old fashioned customer interaction with seriously delicious salsa creations can visit Mama Rosa’s Kickstarter page at


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