Monumental Movie: Kirk Cameron Searches For America’s National Treasure

Monumental Movie: Kirk Cameron Searches For America's National Treasure

Monumental Movie: Kirk Cameron Searches For America's National Treasure

As opening day approaches for the epic Monumental movie, actor Kirk Cameron makes startling discoveries while searching for America’s national treasure.

During a recent interview, Cameron shared a glimpse of his inspiration behind  Monumental, stating, “It’s hard for me to imagine, but I am now 41. Amazing. It seems like yesterday my poofy mullet and parachute pants were all the rage, and Prince had a #1 hit on the radio. Now I’m married to the most beautiful woman, raising six children, and living the American dream. Our country has changed so much since my days of fighting with Carol and Ben on TV. America has always been known as “the land of the free” and “the home of the brave.” It’s the richest, freest nation the world has ever seen. Everyone wants to live here. But as I look around, I’m left with a sinking feeling that America is losing her way. Big time. The soul of our country is sick, and history shows me we are headed for disaster if we don’t change course now.”

When asked about possible answers to the obvious problems currently facing the United States, Cameron went on to say, “I’ve been looking around for answers, but all I hear is noise. Everyone is pointing fingers at the Left or the Right, blaming Hollywood or Capitol Hill. Time is flying by too quickly for petty arguments. My children’s future won’t wait. I’ve got to do something now.”

“In the film I retrace the footsteps of our Founders from England to America in the hope of discovering our true “national treasure.” I wanted to listen to them, to learn from them. Our forefathers knew we were a forgetful people, that someday we would lose our way as a nation. So they left us “maps” that would guide us back to the source of America’s success. What I discovered is amazing!” stated Cameron.

Monumental take viewers through historic details of the United States that few even realize happened.

The film delivers hard hitting facts about America and discloses the whys and hows of the founders who first landed on our shores with the hope of building a great country. When asked what viewers will take away from this riveting story, Cameron passionately stated, “This is one of the most important journeys of my life. America is worth fighting for, and so are our families. We can still be a “city upon a hill,” but we need to work together. With God’s help, we can turn this thing around. It’s been said, “Footprints in history are not made sitting down,” and I couldn’t agree more. I hope that our children will mark this moment as the turning point when we stood up, came together, and reclaimed the true national treasure of America.”

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6 Comments for “Monumental Movie: Kirk Cameron Searches For America’s National Treasure”

  1. GrumpyT

    I saw the extended trailer on GBTV the other night and will be taking my family to see this important film. I would hope that those looking for something to DO will try this route. Everything Kirk says is spot on and I for one have been looking for some action to take. I hope this has answers.

  2. Charles Kellogg

    Maybe he discovered that many of our founding fathers found few things more dangerous than religion and specifically religion mixed with government. He has nothing in common with most of our founding fathers. I fear this movie will be a whitewash of facts twisted to serve his blblical beliefs.

  3. Lee451

    I laud Kirk’s attempt and desire to get America back to the morals and beliefs that made this country great but, alas, I feel there is little hope of it happening. The Bible prophesies that we will turn away from God, pastors will teach what people want to hear instead of the Bible and that it can only get worse until the Day of Judgement. Israel has reformed as a nation (one of the prophecies of the last days) and we have turned our backs on God. Homosexuality, abortion, adultery have turned into hobbies and “lifestyles” and anyone who disagrees is “evil”, “close-minded” and hated. People graduating from schools think that the government should take care of all their problems and needs. I look at how Islam is overrunning Europe and know America is next. The Rapture cannot come soon enough for me.

  4. James

    It is my understanding they were concerned about the Church as opposed to Religion. Our founding fathers feared what they had experienced in the Church of England and other actions taken by the Church in the name of religion and sought to separate government from the church.

    There are many writings by our founding fathers about the positive impact of faith and religion and to suggest they “found few things more dangerous” than religion is simply not factually correct. I do not want to suggest our founding fathers were devout Church attendees but there is a great deal of documentation by them and many visiting dignitaries on the virtues of religious faith and the positive impact they were having on America. Most sought secularism not atheism and were focused on avoiding a national Church as opposed to eliminating religion from public life. Unfortunately, today secularism has been construed by many atheism and an intolerance for public displays of religion.

    Much like “God” was included in the pledge allegiance in the 1950’s out of a reactionary fear to the communist movement, the current stand on religion in public life, which is there should be absolutely none, was expanded greatly in the 1960’s. Prior to that there was a largely universal acceptance of Christianity in the USA as is shown by our architecture, writings, church attendance and yes even politics. I would suggest our fathers would disagree with both of the actions above as I believe the evidence shows they “found few things more dangerous” than extremism, which grips our country today, and a government that attempted to intrude on the people which they directly instructed us to fight against.

  5. Kay O

    I am looking forward to an informative and educating film for a change. We all need to support movies of this kind.

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