Netflix Special Offer Threatens To KO Blockbuster

Netflix Special Offer Threatens To KO Blockbuster

Netflix Special Offer Threatens To KO Blockbuster

Given the recent bankruptcy request filed by Blockbuster, the online Netflix  special offer threatens to cast the final blow to the floundering movie rental icon.

Fans of Netflix seem to be growing exponentially on a daily basis. “It’s just so much easier and cheaper to go online and rent any movie I want from Netflix instead of driving to Blockbuster and shelling out like $4 for the same release,” stated Jason Dawson, a Netflix devotee.

At this point, Netflix is positioning itself to gain a huge slice of the movie rental market share as its former competitor goes the way of T-rex.

Assets soon to be divided and competition showing no sign of mercy, it’s a mystery what will become of the iconic Blockbuster name. Very soon, the blue emblazoned movie ticket ticket may become a collector’s item as stores are dismantled and inventory sold off nationwide.

Netflix is currently offering their hugely popular 30 day free trial offer for unlimited movie rentals as well as view on demand option for xbox, etc at

Meanwhile, Redbox kiosks remain fairly popular for many visitors to McDonalds, Walmart, etc nationwide seemingly due to impulse rentals as consumers are leaving those stores.


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