OptionFair Hailed As Binary Options Trading Leader Worldwide

OptionFair Hailed As Binary Options Trading Leader Worldwide

OptionFair Hailed As Binary Options Trading Leader Worldwide

No longer the new kid on the block, Binary Options trading platform, OptionFair, has proven its mettle and emerged as the premier industry leader in the highly competitive online trading world. By implementing proprietary algorithms, OptionFair investors are able to take advantage of profit potential in real time from a variety of stocks, currencies, commodities and indices in record time, often as soon as 15 minutes after completion of account setup.

Historically a mystery to the average investor, binary options methodology has recently become a very popular vehicle among circles of investors with varying experience levels due to tan ever evolving simplicity and ease of trading believed to be unavailable until now.

“The beauty of this proprietary system is that OptionFair speculation is based on the direction that a particular asset is most likely to move at any given time. These simple investment choices are appealing to the vast majority of serious investors because they tend to lend themselves to quick and easy returns,” stated Craig Cordova of www.OptionFairNews.info in a recent online interview.

A bit of welcomed news for many Forex investors in that OptionFair offers an intuitive and user-friendly platform that makes it a favorite both with new traders who may have limited trading experience or knowledge as well as more seasoned trading professionals with numerous trades to their credit.

Another plus of the OptionFair trading platform is that it boasts uniqueness and notoriety in the vast binary options market, offering three varieties of instruments to maximize profit potential, including High/Low, One Touch and Boundary choices.

With the majority of Binary Options platforms available elsewhere only offering the single High/Low instrument, each of the three OptionFair instruments offer two option types to trade, providing an extra cushion for investors.

OptionFair is still the only Binary options trading platform that allows the trader to invest in both sides of the pricing range. This choice stands head and shoulders above the competition as it remains a preferred alternative. Additionally, this unique feature also generates more profit opportunities as well as encourages fairness in pricing among trades.

Also to be taken into consideration is the fixed return at www.OptionFairNews.info being a market leading 85%. Online trading at OptionFair remains relatively simple and straight-forward with a marginal learning curve reported.

Investors can soon be trading after opening an account and making a minimum deposit. In fat, the first action investors new to the OptionFair platform take is to simply enter the site’s trading arena and select one of the three instruments desired to trade by choosing between the standard criteria (High/Low, Boundary, or One Touch).

Once investors have proceeded to select the desired trading instrument, they will be prompted to select an asset to trade prior to choosing the Prediction on the trading slip. Afterwards, simply entering the investment amount and finally clicking the “buy” button to finalize the trade results in seamless transactions.

The entire process is incredibly intuitive and simple for even the most novice of investors.

“OptionFair also provides a unique early closure feature that enables the trader to limit their risk or secure a profit by closing a position at any point during the length of the contract, regardless of whether a position is profitable or not,” according to the company website.

All inclusive features offered by OptionFair in an effort to enhance the investor experience entail:

* 24/7 customer support
* Platform available in seven languages
* Ability to close a position prior to expiry
* Low minimum deposit of $100
* No commission, no fees policy

And with the ever-increasing economic instability combined with worldwide interest in binary options, trading platforms like OptionFair are quickly becoming the new benchmark in an evolution of online trading, primarily due to the simplicity, low risk and enticing potential 85% returns available within 15 minutes of completion of trades.

For full details, investors interested in taking full advantage of binary options trading or learning more about OptionFair are encouraged to visit www.OptionFairNews.info .

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