Riddell Proves MMA Workout Is No Walk In The Park

According to a recent poll given across gyms nationwide, an MMA workout remains one of the most rigorous and controversial. Anyone witnessing how intense MMA fighters workout realizes this to be true in less than 5 minutes.

Shadow Cardio seems to be a favorite of both male and female MMA fans. Something that many fans who watch MMA don’t realize is just how much it takes out of you. Fighting for 5 minute intervals is equivalent to doing wind sprints for that amount of time.

That’s why running bursts is one thing every fighter has to do. However, running isn’t as glamorous as other routines so many have turned to Shadow Cardio which includes 5 minute sessions of non-stop sparring with only your own shadow as a worthy opponent.

Tim Riddell, MMA fighter and enthusiast states, “A simple 5 minutes of shadow cardio will work wonders for a fighter’s stamina in the ring.”

Riddell goes on to state that while cardio is a must, weight burnouts are another required exercise to build mass and endurance. Burnouts typically consist of lifting a nominal amount of weight (30-40 lbs) for as many reps as possible.

Then, a gradual reduction in weight in used and the reps are repeated, until a minimal weight of 5 lbs is ultimately used. Afterward, the process is repeated by gradually increasing the weight incrementally until you can no longer lift at all.

This effectively results in incredible arm strength and fighter stamina in the ring.

In addition to the more conventional routines, many fighters regularly add natural supplements into their routine to help fight off fatigue while bulking up during an MMA workout.

Riddell says that when he and his girlfriend, Bonnie, are beginning to get into fighting shape, they personally use two separate all natural products that he found online for only $.99 cents each.

Bonnie said, “Tim was hesitant when I first showed him the sight because he thought that the product was only for chicks. Then his friends started telling him that they were using it and he finally tried it. Now he’s hooked.”

Anyone interested getting the same results can visit the following to see what Riddell stands behind.

Riddell Secret Weapon #1

Riddell Secret Weapon #2

Riddell Secret Weapon #3

Riddell openly shares the websites and insists that they act as basically a 1-2 punch for a combined total of less than $7.00. “Everybody has their own thing but I know what works for me and since it costs less than $10.00, I grab up all three bottles and forget about having to drop a fortune at the gym. But hey, I’d just as soon have my competition never know about it,” Riddell said while casting a crooked smile.

Regardless of what your routine is made up of, consistency is key to any MMA workout whether you want to get into fighting condition or simply are looking to get into better physical condition.

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