Work At Home Jobs Soar Despite Lackluster Anticipation For Obama Jobs Speech

Work At Home Jobs Soar Despite Lackluster Anticipation For Obama Jobs Speech

Work At Home Jobs Soar Despite Lackluster Anticipation For Obama Jobs Speech

Anticipation is building as the much hyped Obama jobs speech approaches but one industry is growing at an unprecedented rate: work at home jobs.

Despite the majority of polls pointing to falling confidence that President Obama even has a plan to create an economic environment that will stimulate job growth, many job seeking individuals are taking their future into their hands instead of waiting around for the federal government to act.

According to Brian Wilkinson of Nike Media Group, “We’ve been blessed with being able to actually create jobs for nearly everyone who needs work. And the pay is better than what most unemployed workers were previously earning.”

Wilkinson was referring to a recent upswing in work at home jobs that include contacting small businesses that are needing a particular service in order to actually thrive in the current economic environment we’re experiencing.

“All that is necessary for someone to be able to begin earning between $90-$300 per day is a pleasant personality, a phone connection (mobile, landline or skype) and the ability to carry on a casual conversation on the telephone,” said Wilkinson.

With potential wages like that, it’s no wonder that Nike Media Group is being swamped with eager potential hirees. At this time, no limit is being placed on how many workers are to be hired but those in need of potentially high paying employment are encouraged to contact Nike Media Group as soon as possible in order to lock in a position.

“Because these positions are strictly commission based we’ve been hearing primarily from folks who are highly motivated to earn their true monetary potential instead of being forced to accept a boring low paying hourly job. We’re reaching out to stay at home moms, veterans, physically disabled, students, basically anyone who actually wants to work is welcome to reach out to us,” concluded Wilkinson.

Those motivated individuals sincerely wanting potentially high paying work at home jobs are encouraged to contact Wilkinson directly at 970-640-0817 for more details and be sure to ask for “Brian”.

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